October 3, 2016


Nail enthusiasts like me have been drooling over pretty shiny things for years, personally I'm not a huge glitter girl but anything metallic, sign me up! The newest rage in the nail industry are these chrome powders which give you a mirror like finish on your nails. MIRROR FINISH. It wasn't possible before unless you used foils, and the closest thing you could get was metallic silver polish that looked like brushed stainless steel.

These powders on the other hand, allow you to get a mirror like shine and it looks freaking cool as hell! But here's a catch, its marketed to be used with gel nails only. I personally don't do gel nails so with a little digging and experimentation I found out that you can do this with regular nail polish! I did the experimentation so you didn't have to and with that I'll give you all the unlocked secrets to achieving a chrome finish on your nails without the need for curing!

The chrome powder I used in these photos is from Daily Charme (they also have a version called unicorn powder which is for holo nails too). I ordered #3, the finer ground powder because it gives off a more mirror like finish than #2. I am still waiting on some powders I ordered off Amazon, and will do an update post on those when I receive them.

IDEAL COMBO: (this is what worked for me!)

  1. Prep nails with base coat
  2. Apply two coats of desired base color, allow to dry fully
  3. Apply Essie Gel Topcoat a couple nails as a time. You need this layer to still be slightly tacky for the next step.
  4. Apply chrome powder with small rubbing motions with an eye shadow applicator. The Topcoat you just used has to be in this special sweet spot where it's still slightly tacky but not wet for the ideal application of the powder. If it's too dry the powder won't stick and you'll have a patchy finish. 
  5. Take a brush to dust off any excess chrome powder left on your nails
  6. If you did not cover all spots in Step 4, I recommend repeating step 3-5 though the finish of the chrome will have a slight glitter base too it. Ideally you would of completed a full chrome layer on the nail in the previous steps to have the perfect mirror finish.
  7. Seal off with two coats of a water-based topcoat. I recommend Piggy Paint Topcoat. I found that it dried faster and allowed for the next step without any problems, instead of cracking like the Picture Polish Revolution base-coat.
  8. Seal with a final quick dry topcoat, I used Seche Vite, so that it can protect the water-based topcoat from deteriorating when washing hands during clean up

You can see the imperfections up close, but from afar... its all chromed out :)
To note, the pinky and fourth finger used the double powder coat step as mentioned above and as you can tell it is slightly more "glittery" than say the middle finger which only had one powder coat on it. Also this hand used Seche Vite as Step 3 instead of the Essie, and I personally preferred the Essie but both do work. Just use the same method as listed above.

Things I learnt from experimentation:

  • A little messier than intended. The powder does get everywhere so be warned... you will be covered in silver dust
  • Buff your nails before painting. A mistake on my part as the mirror like finish is very unforgiving and shows all imperfections. By buffing your nails to remove ridges, it should give you a smooth enough surface to mimic a gel nail.
  • Top coat with a waterbased polish. Regular top coats will glitter-ize your chrome powders, unless this is the look you're going for, I highly recommend in getting a water-based polish to seal in the shine.
  • Rose Gold can be achieved! Be using a pink base layer, the chrome powder is sheer enough to let some of the color through creating a rose gold like finish. This can also be applied to other colors as well.
  • Practice, practice, practice. Clearly my nails are far from perfect as shown above but it is a new method of nail application with the powder which will take some getting use to to find that special sweet spot to get perfect chromed nails.

September 25, 2016


The iPhone 7 has been the talk of the town lately but I can't seem to bring myself to upgrade just yet especially with talks of a grande reveal for the iPhone 8 for the 10 year anniversary. I'll just hold onto my trusty iPhone5S and give it some much needed love in the form a new case. Said case screams KENZO to me, but luckly it just cost me a mere $5 from my local Dynamite Clothing store. Read on to see how I did these eye-nspired nails (get it? I-nspired....inspired....eye-nspired?.... I'll stop now)

  1. Prep nails and paint 2 coats of a base nail colour of choice, I used three coats of Limoscene by Essie to get an even coverage.
  2. With a smaller paint brush, paint eye shapes in white and allow to dry
  3. With a fine detail brush and black nail polish, outline the white eye shapes and add lashes and pupils.
  4. On the remaining nails draw arced lines and small stokes that mimic a closed eye with eyelashes
  5. Finish off with a quick dry top coat (my favourite is Seche Vite, but remember to let the black polish dry completely or else you'll get some smearing like I did)

June 9, 2016


There's no denying it, the 90's are back; patches, brown matte lipsticks, and of course choker necklaces. I still remember turning corner store machines to get plastic choker necklaces for $1. But with every fashion revival there's a new take on it that makes it more modern and edgier. Here's my take on a wrap around choker necklace/bolo tie.

  • suede cord
  • jump rings (2 sizes - 4 small ones that will fit your spike loops and one large one)
  • hardware fixtures that fit to the cord
  • spikes (or other charms)
  • pliers + scissors

  1. Cut two pieces of cord to a desired length that can hang and wrap around your neck. Mine measured at 33". 
  2. Take each cord, fold it in half and loop knot it around the large jump ring; this is the focal point for the choker necklace against your neck.
  3. Make sure the ends are even OR make them uneven (see step 4.)
  4. On each side of the necklace, you'll have two ends. You can decide to keep the ends even or make different lengths like I did. I cut off 3" on one of the ends per side to create a more layered look.
  5. Add the hardware fixtures on the end of the cords.
  6. Attach jump rings and spikes.
  7. Wear it!

December 24, 2015


It's finally sweater weather!!! We recently got some snow this weekend in Montreal, but unfortunately it'll all be gone by Christmas...sigh no white Christmas this year. But no worries it's still just as chilly as if it were to snow so it's totally acceptable to wrap yourself up in sweaters and blankets.

Let's cozy on up with some warm knits and pair it with matching sweater nails. I think I've finally nailed down how to do it with just regular nail polish, granted its a bit finicky but the end result is a sweet cable knit texture on the nails. I didn't get a chance to snap tutorial pictures but it's pretty straight forward.


  1. Paint nails two coats in base colour and let dry
  2. Take some of the same nail polish and place it on a plastic top, take a dotter tool and swirl the nail polish till it thickens. This thickened polish will act like the 3D gel polish used in the original tutorials online.
  3. Apply thickened nail polish with the dotter tool to the nails in cable knit pattern, repeat this a few times to make it super 3d!
  4. Apply a matte top coat (matte just hides all the imperfections)

This will probably be my final post before the New Year so Happy Holidays to everyone and I'll see you all in the New Year!

December 20, 2015


Everybody loves chocolate.

Everybody loves booze.

Everybody will DEFINITELY love you for giving chocolate + booze. 

Stumped for a gift? Yea, I got you covered; we all know you left it to the last minute so why not give them an adult hot chocolate mason jar? Easy to make in under an hour and super quick to pump out multiples of these if you need to gift a whole bunch of people at once! I made these myself for a couple of super close girlfriends (hope you guys liked them!!) and even the boyfriend "borrowed" the idea to make some for his supervisors.

  • mason jars (The ones I used were from the Dollarama with a little chalkboard label so you can write the receiver's name on it)
  • candy canes
  • mini marshmallows
  • hot chocolate mix
  • mini Bailey's sampler (local liquor store should carry these, also Khalua would be a good alternative if you can't find Bailey's)
  • string
  • tags (optional: I used these to write messages/instructions from the hot chocolate mix jar)

  1. Wash the mason jars and dry thoroughly
  2. Spoon the hot chocolate mixture into the mason jar until it's around half full
  3. Fill the remainder of the jar with mini marshmallows loosely packed
  4. Set aside a non broken candy cane for later and unwrap the rest, and bash. You will want the candy canes to be crushed into small pieces and/or candy cane dust.
  5. Sprinkle the crushed candy cane on top of the mini marshmallows so it trickles down between the cracks of the marshmallows
  6. Add more marshmallows to the jar to pack it in and seal.
  7. Take your string and tie both the mini Bailey's and candy cane to the jar.
  8. Add label/tag. Done! 

December 16, 2015


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sit on clouds? Feel their plush and pillow-y softness? Well this is probably as close as you can get to a fluffy white cloud with these blankets created by Anna Mo. 

These blankets are absolutely gorgeous and would be a perfect gift for any home owner who wouldn't mind getting a bit more cozy this winter. Its a great statement piece with its enlarged knit pattern making it a focal point in any room. I would love to own one of these in a white or cream colour for my bed, snuggle in it on a cold winter's day curled up watching the snow fall. Can't get enough of these images either... great execution of the whole project. 

You can purchase a blanket here, or even better yet for those of you who are eyeing the blanket with a "hey, I could make you!" you can purchase the merino wool from Anna Mo's etsy shop, Ohhio to make your very own blanket!

Images by Anna Mo

December 12, 2015


Time to break out the Christmas decorations! Having moved this year to a new city I don't have any Christmas decorations on hand so I thought why not whip up something quick and easy with some holiday sparkle.

I spotted these plastic snowflakes at the Dollarama the other day and was surprised at their quality, obviously this meant I had to get them. Once at home I was humming and ha-ing over what to do with them and my boyfriend actually suggested to make a garland out of them! It turned out SUPER pretty and I want to run back to the Dollarama to get more snowflakes! I have this strong urge to cover my whole apartment with this simple yet festive garland (Cost less than $2 to make, looks like you paid wayyyyyyy more)

Who wants one? I'll make one for you because they are way too pretty to keep just to myself!

Note** not all Dollaramas carry these plastic snowflakes, hopefully you can find something similar at your local craft store!

Supplies: (all from the Dollarama! A one stop shop!)

  • Plastic Snowflakes
  • Embroidery Thread
  • Ruler (helps with spacing)

  1. Take your embroidery thread and make a slip knot to tie onto snowflake
  2. Tie a knot to keep it in place
  3. Measure distance between each snowflake to start a new knot
  4. Repeat until complete
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